hsn - Unfair Treatment

Posted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 6:46pm CDT by 7a22977f

Product: GPX (TOMTOM)

Company: hsn

Location: P.O. Box 990
Clearwater, Fl, 33758, US

URL: http://www.hsn.com/

Category: Other

In April we bought a GPS from HSN, unfortunately at the same time we had moved to a new place, when my husband ordered the GPS, he forgot to change the shipping address so we called HSN to try and change the address but they could not do it(mind you the order did not even ship yet) then we wanted to cancel the order but they told us it was too late, so then we tried to track the order but it was delivered to our old apartment and someone in the apartment building stole the package so we never received it. We called HSN Customer Service to explain the situation and they refused to refund our money. Loyal customers that shopped with the company for years, they denied us and pretty much did not believe our story.

That is a shame! They just lost good customers thanks to their customer service and billing department. So I want everyone to know that you should stop shopping with HSN because they are not at all loyal to their customers.

Customer beware, I am not the first person to make such complaints about the Home Shopping network. Just wanted to let everyone know that the company stinks and care nothing about their loyal customers, if you ever order something from them, make sure you receive because if you don't, don't expect to get your money back, and especially do not expect cooperation from customer service supervisors, they

will deny you no matter what you say, or how much proof you may have that you never received the merchandise.

SHOP QVC - Much more loyal to their customers and their customer service department treats you with respect, they care about their customer.

HSN good luck in the future because I

will make it my business to make sure

all of my friends, family, co-workers, facebook buddies know just how bad you trreat your loyal customers.

Thanks for nothing all these years!


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