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Product: Mr Site Takeaway Website

Company: Mr Site

Location: Docklands Business Centre 10-16 Tiller Road Docklands, London, E14 8PX
London, E14 8PX, GB


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When my package only had a month before renewal I decided that I wanted to try a new company with better designed websites, so i contacted Mr site to ask to have another company host my domain name only but still use Mr Site until my contract ran out. I contacted them by email 5 times with no reply and by live chat 21 times also with no reply. Eventually someone answered me after I enquired about one of their more expensive packages and rung on their numbers that costs 50p a minute. They told me that i could not have my domain name back and they would keep it for 5 years unless i paid 15. When i refused, I mean why should i pay them more money after the service or more like the lack of service i had received. Technically they were providing me with a faulty service. The girl was very unpolite and patronising saying that they normally charge 25 to unlock the domain name as though they were doing me a favour!. In the end i was forced to pay the money (at least I would have no more trouble from them or so I thought ...) the next day I went to check on my website and it was no longer there, my email account that I had also paid for was also deleted. I had still 15 days until my contract with them ran out and they had deleted my Site and would not speak to me after numerous emails and phonecalls !

STAY AWAY unless you want weeks of hassle and your webiste with all your hard work to be deleted while your still paying for their service- a complete scam !


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