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Posted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 5:55pm CDT by ff3dfa0f

Product: Cable internet/tv/phone

Company: Charter Communications

Location: US

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Thurs. 7/5/12

I came home from work at 7:15 and discovered an orange cable running from the box at the front corner of my lot up the side of my yard. It continued through my back yard, looped around a bush at the far corner, ran down the fence line a few feet and then went into my neighbor??s yard.

It appeared to be a Charter Cable so I called them and, after about a half hour of trying to navigate the nearly impossible barriers of automated roadblocks, I finally succeeded in speaking to a live person. I asked if they had any service calls in the Fairview Lane area of Richlands because I wanted to make sure it was them before I accused them of trespassing. She said that there had been a service call to my neighbor at 103 Fairview Ln. I described the cable running through my property and she agreed it should not have been done that way. I also explained that a friend mows my lawn and that he just comes over at odd times and I have no way of contacting him to warn him about the cable and that I could not guarantee that the cable would survive the mowing. She promised to have someone call me by Monday July 9th.

No one called me by Monday evening so I called again. Spoke to another CSR who claimed that the order to call me about the issue was on the work order for 103 Fairview Ln. Again, I told him that the lawn needed mowing and the cable would interfere with that. I also told him that I had stumbled over the cable when I walked my dog the previous evening and that I was 57 years old and diagnosed with a bone density lack. He promised to give the order to his supervisor, claimed someone might call me that evening but certainly by Tuesday.

No one called Tuesday. On Wednesday I called the local police and they came over. Officer Davis promised to call Charter and see what could be done but it was not a criminal event. I explained that I knew it was not and apologized for bothering him about such a minor problem but I didn??t know what else to do about the trespass. He thought that the easement might extend through my backyard and that he would check on that.

No one called. Thursday morning Officer Davis came by and said he was unable to navigate the barrier of automated roadblocks to speak to someone at Charter. He also explained that I would have to speak directly to the technician about trespassing; that calling Charter did not constitute a warning to him. He had talked to the town and was told that the easement was only in the first 10-20 feet or so of my front yard and did not include my side or back yard.

I called Charter again Wednesday morning after the officer had left. I explained the situation to yet another CSR and somehow she thought that I was trying to get a service tech out to install the line and set up an appointment. I told her that in no manner did I want that to happen and would call the police if he set foot on my property. I wanted the order to install cancelled. She promised to have, Mike, her supervisor call me at 2:30pm to discuss the problem.

No one called by Thursday evening. It has been an entire week. Having exhausted every avenue I can think of to settle this, I am going to perhaps take legal action.

July 18; Came home from work to find the trench was dug and the cable buried without my permission to be on my property.


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