hhgregg - hhgregg doesn't care about customers

Posted on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at 10:25pm CDT by 1b019c5d

Product: Stove, Refridgerator, Dishwasher

Company: hhgregg

Location: 1020 Shoppers Way Largo, MD 20774
Largo, MD, 20774, US

URL: http://www.hhgregg.com/

Category: Other

I would like to speak with someone about the rude treatment I received from Donte Brawner at the Largo, MD location. My total invoice was $2800 for a gas stove, refrigerator, over range microwave and dishwasher. After I paid, we discovered additional damage on a dishwasher I purchased that the sales rep missed.

I asked my wonderful sales rep Jessica Mosley if it was possible to get a store gift card in an amount from $50 to $100 to compensate me for the additional damage, as I planned to buy a flat screen t.v. within the next week. Jessica spoke with Donte concerning my requests to no avail. I tried speaking with Donte on my concerns and a possible solution to recetify the problem. He was adamant that he had done all he could do for me and would not be providing any additional discounts, gift cards or other items. Donte became indignant and inferred I should be happy with what I received. He showed no empathy at my dismay, did not apologize for the sales rep missing the other damage and refused to consider any other avenue in order for me to leave as a happy customer.

I then asked for a full refund on ALL items purchased & was informed I would have to return the next day since all of the registers were closed. Donte was very callous concerning my feelings, made no attempt to resolve the matter in a more amicable fashion and left a poor taste in my mouth about hhgregg. He informed that he would be more than happy to refund my full purchase price & delivery charges for all items and kits on July 18, at 10:00am when the store opened. He did not seem to care that the sales rep would lose the sale or that I was going to send a corporate complaint.

Donte made no effort to see me leave as a happy customer. He seemed to prefer losing the $2800 sale versus providing a gift card, which would be used in hhgregg for a future purchase. My parents were in the store and were planning to return to purchase other items for me as a gift as well. However after Donte's attitude my mother was in tears and my father was outraged that a customer would be treated in such a manner. I came to the store because many friends & families are card holders and loyal customers. I will be asking them to reconsider shopping at hhgregg's Largo location and possibly others if this is an indication of how customers are treated.

All I wanted was quality appliances for my kitchen that I am in the middle of remodeling. Instead I received heartache, headache, and treatment that said the 'customer' is NOT always right.


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