East Coast Courier & Logistics - Abused/Ripped Off by John Cavanaugh of East Coast Courier & Logistics

Posted on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at 7:13pm CDT by Anonymous

Company: East Coast Courier & Logistics

Location: 16 Windermere Ave, Vernon, CT 06066 2541 NW 91st Drive, Gainesville, FL 32606
Vernon, CT, US

URL: http://www.eastcoastcourierandlogistics.com/

Category: Other

ohn Cavanaugh is one of the worst individuals running a business on the east coast.

He does not pay his employees appropriate compensation. If you ask him about the discrepancy, he will scream at you and threaten you with violence.

You are required under his rules to use your own vehicles and your own money to perform courier jobs, however when you present him with receipts, he throws them back in your hands and says your "not getting any money from me!"

A absolutely horrible person to work for, John Cavanaugh should not have the right to run a business. He continually files bankruptcy and changes the name of his company so he doesn't have to pay his debts.

John Cavanaugh's company has been called "Jar Express," "Nations Express," and now "East Coast Courier and Logistics."

Do not work for John Cavanaugh.

Do not conduct business with John Cavanaugh.


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