Nova Southeastern University - Short of a Diploma Mill

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 6:57am CDT by 4351836a

Product: Education

Company: Nova Southeastern University

Location: Davie Campus; North Miami Campus 1750 NE 167th Street North Miami Beach, FL 33162-3017
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Co, 33162, US


Category: Other

This so-called Professional School started as just a mailbox. Their support in the Doctor of Ed program is as if it still were a mailbox. NO support during the dissertation process; ending the CYS program before our last group in the program was finished. Last two "necessary" courses added to the replacement program. No real support from dissertation advisors! Run like hell! You'll have so many student loans for a 4th rate doctorate. They have "cluster" around the country to maximize their profit. Online program is the worst!


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