Harassment Discrimination

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 5:49am CDT by 7db6561b

Product: KLM AirFrance

Company: Not Available

Location: GB

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I also had a horrible experience with KLM+Airfrance at Manchester Airport in April2010. The check-in staff was very rude, was not polite and shouts on my wife just because we are sorting out the luggage weight. She did not allow us even 100gms more and because of her harassment, my wife got very upset. The stupid lady completely ignore that we are accompaing a 7months old baby. At the end, my wife and baby got the boarding passes but it was only just before 30mins to depart. The lady at check-in desk wasted nearly 45mins on us, kept on arguing. Just before my wife reaches the departure gate, she was sent back by saying that flight has been gone and said that they will arrange the other flight. When she came back to the check in desk, the airline staff took the boarding passes back from my wife and asked her to pay for the other flight. It was a big shock. Also my wife was abused by airline staff and someone also said " A lady with excess baggage". I made too many complaints to the airline, but nothing happened. Airline always says that they do special arrangement for the passengers with babies, but not in my case. These airline people are all liars and do not follow the CAA guidelines. At the end of all this, I realise I should be flying with any European airline and I does so every year. I do not fly with any of the European airlines because most of them do the discrimination on the ground of race and colour. Shame on KLM


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