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Posted on Sunday, July 15th, 2012 at 8:25pm CDT by 8854e6fd

Product: Auto Insurance

Company: Farmers Insurance

Location: 1485 Garden of the Gods Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Colorado Springs, CO, 80907, US

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have been serving in the USMC for the past 4 years in Okinawa, Japan. Before I came back to the states I took out an auto loan with Navy federal and gave my mother Kim Kirby power of attorney to purchase a vehicle for me. Upon arriving in MEPS in San Diego I went online to get an e quote from Farmers Insurance. This was March 15th 2012. On this form I stated I had a leased vehicle (I have a copy). When contacted I told the agent I had a loan with Navy Federal and to give me what I needed for insurance. I was asked the vin # but did not have it with me, he said no problem. I was not asked to provide it once I got back to Colorado, I just figured they obtained it. I was emailed a policy to sign and did so on my phone as I had no computer. I expected the agency to have given me the policy I needed. After I arrived home I went to register the vehicle, they would not let me as my insurance card had a fake Vin# on it. and an incorrect vehicle description. I put a call in to the agent. Bryan Spiess 1485 Garden of the gods Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80907 719-278-5040. On May 8th 2012 I totaled the truck. When I called the next day to file a claim I was told I did not have full coverage and there was nothing I could do. I asked if the policy had been reviewed by an underwriter and asked for a phone number but was never give one. Usually when a new policy is written it is checked by an underwriter an the vehicle vin# verified, if reviewed the incorrect vin and leined vehicle should have been caught and corrected. I feel this company is in violation of failure to protect the public. My mother and I have contacted Farmers district manager Ryan Eslinger at the same location several times regarding this situation. We have sent emails and made phone calls. They are all denying I told them it was a leased or liened vehicle. They just informed me that they just go by the e quote form and what insurance I asked for. There is nothing they can do. They told me to file a claim but when I called to do so they would not let me. I filled out the e form quickly and expected someone to contact me and go over the details and explain to me what I needed. I did state leased vehicle on that form and have a copy. As I had been out of the country for several years and not much experience with insurance coverage (I am 21) I assumed the insuring agent would have spoke with me about my options and what coverage that I needed to carry on my vehicle. This is a very frustrating and upsetting situation as I have a loan on this vehicle that I have to re-pay even though the vehicle is totaled.

I would like you to please investigate this agency/situation as I feel I was not taken care of when I trusted this agency to protect myself and my vehicle. I feel they are responsible for this mistake on the Vin# and the coverage. I feel they should compensate me for the loss of my vehicle or at least amend the policy to reflect the coverage I needed so I may at least just get the vehicle paid off.


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