Sprint Account Takeover

Posted on Saturday, July 14th, 2012 at 8:49pm CDT by 36cc0181

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I am a new customer to Sprint, joined May 28, 2012. In July of 2012, my sprint account was hacked into. The guy or girl actually took over one of my lines on my account to make internationals call. The perp was able to go into an actual Sprint store and change one of the phones on my account to another phone.

I must applaud them for catching on rather quickly, but not quick enough.

So prior to all this happening, I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. They told me I had to file a claim in order to get a new one. OK no prob. I will file one once I get enough money. The phone was still functional for me. I was able to make and receive calls, text and everything. It was functional for me.

After we found out about the fraud, my phone had to be programmed again. OK thats fine except my screen is CRACKED!! I could not use my keyboard on the screen. I had to talk my text messages and speak the names of the people/numbers I wanted to dial. Sprint would not give me another phone for free. At least a phone exactly like the one I had.

You guys are a MULTI-BILLION dollar company how are people able to do things like this to your company?????!!! I had to answer all these security questions when I first got the lines, but someone who is not me was actually able to go to a sprint store and take a phone off my account. Hack into YOUR system. It blows my mind how this person was actually able to do this.

Its make me so worried to be a sprint customer. I feel like I should have been able to get another phone at their expense since they allowed this person to do that to their system.. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED!!!!


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