System office solutions llc - bad driving and customer service

Posted on Friday, July 13th, 2012 at 4:38pm CDT by 21359963

Product: System office solutions llc

Company: System office solutions llc

Location: 480 E. 76th Ave. Bldg 5 Unit D
Denver, CO, 80229, US

Category: Other

A van from this company was driving erratically on the highway. I noticed the driver was talking on the phone. When I got home I called the company to complain. The person who answered the phone said I should call the police if I had a problem. When I said it would make me think twice about using their company, he laughed and said they were doing just fine without my business and hung up on me. This was his opportunity to turn the situation and win a future customer, but now I'm angry and will do what I can to keep people from buying any of their products or services.


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