- Ethical Deals is Not very Ethical

Posted on Friday, July 13th, 2012 at 10:10pm CDT by b20184b8


Location: Vancouver, CA

Category: Other

I got pulled into buying some products off on Ethical Deals website. The price was good but guess what the product are knock off. What???? This site is suppose to be about Ethics is selling knock off. Will be contacting the Better Business Bureau about this. But really my fault. If I had look closely most of the stuff that they sell has nothing to do with Heathly Green Products. What in the world does a dog collar has to do with saving the envirnoment. or Acupunture consultant? So if I get that acupunture that you are selling the world will be a better place. The only green I see here is the cash they generate by suckering young naive fools like me to waste my money. Sorry but never again.


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