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Posted on Friday, July 13th, 2012 at 11:37pm CDT by 4538dc57

Product: Painting

Company: College Pro Painters

Location: 2929 University Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN, 55455, US

Category: Other

My credentials: Masters of Architecture, several years painting experience, small business owner. I worked for college pro painters for 1 1/2 summers. The first summer was great, excellent leadership, painting knowledge, and the support needed to execute the work in a timely and professional fashion. The 1/2 portion of my cpp experience.

After a successful first week, everything went to hell. Started the first stucco house of the year. Boss, "How much sherwin williams super paint should I get." Me, "None, stucco is a concrete based product that requires a special elastomeric paint. Boss, "I didn't know that." Really, an owner of a painting franchise doesn't know how to specify the correct paint for varying types of substrates. Next project is a fence. Mind you, the highest paid and most qualified painter in the franchise is being sent to stain a fence. Boss, "You can just spray it, should take less than a day." Upon arrival, I determined roughly 1/2 of a border fence couldn't be sprayed due to overspray issues. Fine, we'll just brush it. I was given two gallons of stain. The fence ran the perimeter of a typical Minneapolis city lot, roughly 50' x 150'. 400' of fencing with 1/2 of it being panels 6' tall. Boss was confused as to why we used 17 gallons of stain. How is it possible that the boss doesn't know one can of stain covers 150-350 sf. Next I get called to check on another house. After determining the other crew had inadequately painted the house; entire pieces of fascia and gutter missed, huge missed spots in the porch, the paint was applied to thin, poor scraping, etc, determined the house needed an entire repaint. Boss, "I'll send a guy out to touch it up. One week later and a pissed off customer, boss determines the house needs a full repaint. Over a month later the house hasn't been touched. The final project before I quit. Get called to fix another stucco house. The previous paint job was flaking really bad. Two coats of paint had already been applied. Naturally if you don't wire brush flaking paint off of stucco, it looks horrible and will fail. Me, "Did you wire brush the stucco prior to painting." Boss, "What's that." Seriously, you own a painting franchise and have never heard of the term wire brushing. Get told to spray a really thick third coat to cover up the flaking paint. I ended up quitting 1/3 of the way through. Now here's the interesting part. I receive a phone call from the stucco house homeowner wondering what is going on. Inform her I no longer work for them. She asks me to estimate an interior repaint and I get the job starting a week later. In the meantime she had fired the cpp crew I quit on, and the company sent over his general manager to finish the house. Day one with the general manager outside and me starting the interior on my own. I notice they reglaze the windows using dap 33 glazing compound. Then they immediately paint over it with sherwin williams super paint. Something seems wrong here. Homeowner reads the back of the glazing container and it says the glazing must cure for seven days, be primed with an oil based primer, and then painted. General manager claims he has done it this way for three years but will check on it. Comes back and says homeowner is correct and they will remove all of the glazing with paint on it, reglaze the windows, and come back in a week. Rule one of any project, "Know your materials." Seriously, the general manager can't read the back of a can. Problem two, general manager attempts to caulk around windows. Misses entire portions of windows and fails to even hit the crack in most places. Seriously, how is this possible. Problem three, after the homeowner complains yet again about the stucco flaking issue, general manager finally brings out a sherwin williams paint expert. Paint expert tells him to wire brush the flaking paint. Homeowner literally says, that's what I expected all along. General manager proceeds to wire brush 1/4 of the house for next two days. Then they repaint it. Requires yet another coat since they missed most of the flakes. Day four of week five, that's correct day four of week five, I have come to the conclusion that the general manager has never touched a tool on the jobsite. I decide to ask him about this since even I'm getting tired of the nonesense. General managers response, "I hire people to paint for me, it's not my job." My response, day four of week five, three weeks behind schedule, maybe you should think about helping the 18 year olds you hired finish the job. I have seen owners of multimillion dollar construction companies bust out tools when a job is behind schedule. You know the saying all hands on deck, well maybe he should follow it. The job is now entering week six with no end in site. What a joke of a company. Do not hire. They claim professional and experience when they sell the job, well then why do they hire 18-20 year olds and pay them $8 an hour. They claim high quality, I think this speaks for itself. What a joke and sham of a company.


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