Honda - 2012 CRV - Electrical Problems

Posted on Friday, July 13th, 2012 at 7:17pm CDT by 69e15b89

Product: Honda CRV

Company: Honda

Location: SCHENECTADY, NY, 12304, US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I have a new 2012 Honda CRV and at two different times after sitting in my garage, once for 10 days and once for 4 days my car had to be jumped to start it. Neither time was there anything left on in the car. Dealer indicates they can't find a problem and will keep an eye on it. That doesn't help me when I have to fly out and leave the car for a week to find it won't start when I get back.

Also, my friend has the same new car and when the auxiliary is left on for more than 8 minutes, the car won't start. Great...Huh.

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808457c2, 2013-01-25, 08:33PM CST

My 2012 CR-V has had a dead battery 6 times within the year. First time was a dead cell in the battery. Blamed an after market remote starter twice. Next it was a software update. Icing on the cake, I don't drive the car enough. They have replaced the battery 3 times. Now want me to install a trickle charger and pay for it. Complained to everyone from the dealer to the corporate one cares. Will NEVER buy a Honda again

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