GNC - Experience at GNC, The Falls

Posted on Thursday, July 12th, 2012 at 10:27am CDT by f5cd7119

Company: GNC

Location: 8888 SW 136th Street
Miami, 33176, US


Category: Other

I am writing about the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I visited GNC store #09458 to return a product and was met by their employee named Diana.

I explained that I did not have a copy of the receipt but that I was able to pull up my charges on American Express online as proof of purchase.

She was adamant about my presenting a receipt (which I did not have) and was very rude in her demeanor.

At this point, I asked if it would be advisable that I contest the charges on Amex to which she replied, "look lady, I'm trying to help you, alright? I'll go look for the store receipt".

I gave her the transaction number from the online Amex statement; she continued to complaint that this was not the way to process this and that I had to keep all receipts in the future. When she located the receipt and put it on the counter, I photographed it with my phone for my records. At this point she said, "you put your phone away! I am not making this return."

I asked for the name of the GNC regional manager, to which she replied there wasn't one.

I suggested she process the return again. This is when she really became antagonistic and told me in Spanish the following (I quote): "what do you think this is, a Latin American country, you need to stop with your 'p(*&terias' (which is a profane word that loosely translates to prostitution)"

THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AT EVERY LEVEL. Not only was she rude, her use of vulgar language and threats to not process the return are something I have never, ever experienced at any place of business, let alone a national entity.

GNC cannot afford to have this employee at the front lines abusing and harassing its customers.


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