sonya - Anothe o2 muck up

Posted on Thursday, July 12th, 2012 at 8:03am CDT by 2cafe4ae

Company: sonya

Location: 53 avalon road faringdon
Sunderland, GB

Category: Other

I was an o2 customer until a few weeks ago, my number i had for aa few months was'nt just my number I ha just rang to complain about the tarrifi was on and how I was'nt getting what i was paying for they said they had resolvedte problem. Later that day my brother rang to find the number i was using was'nt just mine he was talking to a man whom was in London and irish, i thought this was a joke i was wrong i rang the number and yes he was right i couldnt understand how this could happen i am in a relationship and mypartner of19 years rang me you can imagine how he felt when he got through to this man this has caused problems for me in my relationship i have not been able to speak to anyone from o2 about this, as according to them this isnt their number but i spoke to a customer service operator from o2 regarding my account half hour before i had this problm


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