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Posted on Sunday, July 1st, 2012 at 12:02pm CDT by 64989269

Product: Fusion and Zenetik Bicycles

Company: Rans Designs, Inc.

Location: 4600 Highway 183 Alt.
HAYS, KS, 67601, US

URL: http://www.rans.com/

Category: Sports, Recreation

I just bought two Rans bikes, a Zenetik for me and a Fusion for my wife. They have a long wheelbase and barely fit onto my bike rack, but they are much more comfortable than our old, traditional style bikes.

As with almost all bikes, these have no chain guards. Many times I have caught my pant cuff or a shoelace between the chain and the sprocket. Why dont bike makers equip their products with something to prevent this? I had to spend $30 for an accessory to save my clothes (and perhaps my body).

The other problem I have is with Rans management. After purchasing the bikes I sent Eddie Gil, Rans bike sales rep, an email with some comments and questions, but received no reply. I then called Eddie to confirm he had received my message. In fact he had, and had forward it to a manager and to the person responsible for product registration.

Finally I wrote a postal letter to Randy Schlitter, the president of Rans, asking why I wasnt getting a response. After all, I said, I had just purchased two of his products for well over $2,000. He never replied, either.

If a manufacturer cant respond to such a simple letter as mine, they dont deserve anyones business.


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