Proctor and Gamble - Hazardous Plug-In Air Fresheners

Posted on Sunday, July 1st, 2012 at 12:25am CDT by 04073ebc

Product: Fabreeze Plug-In

Company: Proctor and Gamble

Location: US


Category: Other

It came to my attention that my Febreeze Plug-In air freshener had caught on fire at some point. The scariest part of the situation is that I am unaware of the moment it happend. Had it been while I was asleep or away? If I had been home, I surely would have heard it. The back of the plug-in and the outlet are charred. We aren't talking sparks, there is evidence that a flame had been there. I have 3 young children. This plug-in could have taken them away from me. I URGE all of you to reconsider these purchases and help get them pulled off the shelf. Many companies have them and I don't think they should be allowed at all!!!


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