Swiss International Airline - Swiss International Airline will be my last choice

Posted on Friday, January 6th, 2012 at 12:04pm CST by 4a0027e2

Product: Flight

Company: Swiss International Airline

Location: NU

Category: Other

I booked the return flights from Manchester to Beijing last month. Yesterday, I recieved an email that told me my flight back from Beijing will be changed to the very early morning, more than 4 hours earlier than the original one!! My tickets from home to airport will be bought again!!

The earlier flight cause me another big trouble. My second flight from Zurich to Manchester was not changed. So I have to wait in the airport for extra 6 hours. So in total more than 10 hours will be wasted without any meaning!!

But I noticed that Swiss Airline added a new flight from Zurich to Manchester on the same day, which is far earlier than my current one.

So I phoned Swiss Airline to kindly ask whether they could put my second flight to the earlier one. Their answer is NO!!

They said: the change is not permitted bythe condition of your ticket.

Of course I know! I didn't want to change my flight at all! It is Swiss Airline that changes my flight initially!!

I asked them: do you mean that Swiss Airline could change my flight whenever they want, and what I could do is just to agree? The consultant there saidL Yes,that's right.

They just will not be in charge of the inconvenience caused by themselves!!!

How ridiculous!! It's totally unfair!!I believe that Swiss Airline will be the last choice of mine next time of booking.


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