Mix Ultra Lounge - Mix Ultra Lounge too full yet took our money!

Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2012 at 12:33pm CST by 79ec1479

Company: Mix Ultra Lounge

Location: 1107 Broadway

URL: http://www.mixultralounge.net//

Category: Restaurants, Bars

My husband and I went out for the New Years Eve extravaganza there and paid $40 to get the two of us in and found the establishment so full we couldn't get past the first 5 feet. We turned around to walk out and asked for our money back and the door lady "Angel" would not give us our money back even though we had only just walked in less than a minute prior. This establishment had a black curtain up to block the view of anyone at the door from seeing they were packed beyond what I assume could be legal limits. It is our belief we were conned to enter by this deception and further clarified when our money wasn't returned when we turned around to get out. The website for this establishment is false advertising to be accomodating when in the pics on the site you see seating and a dance floor and those things we never saw since we couldn't get past the start of the bar when you enter due to be over packed. I want my $40 back.


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