Stonesmiths Custom Granite And Marble Fabrication And Installation - Kitchen Sink Service Nightmare

Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2012 at 3:16pm CST by e3d8ea23

Product: Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Company: Stonesmiths Custom Granite And Marble Fabrication And Installation

Location: 12244 S.R. 32 East
Noblesville, In, 46040, US


Category: Other

We called Stonesmiths Custom Granite And Marble Fabrication to install our sink. They sent over an employee named Matt to do the job. We paid with a check for $150.00. Before leaving, he said to wait 24 hours before attaching the plumbing. I didn't look at the sink until 24 hours later when I opened up the cabinet to begin attaching the fixtures & found 2 of Matt's "Homemade" brackets had fallen off & were lying on the floor of the cabinet. Upon further inspection, I noticed the sink was installed crooked with no clearance on one side & 1/2 an inch on the other. Additionally, Matt had left eight dents in the stainless steel sink where the clamps came into contact with it. I called back & spoke with Janis their secretary & told her the story. Matt was next to Janis & relayed that the dents were already on the sink & that despite the fact that two of his brackets made of a sink strainer, masking tape, & glue had fallen off, there should be plenty to hold the sink in place. I told Janis that I had pictures of the dents Matt left on sink & I assured her that the dents came after Matt's work & that he was lying. Janis asked me to forward them on to her, which I did along with a before Matt's work photo which I believe they weren't expecting. My wife had taken a picture of the sink right before Matt's work had begun with her cell phone complete with the date & time displayed. This picture clearly shows no pre-existing dents. Instead of Janis, Matt, the manager, or president of the company Jason Lawson calling me back, I received a call from their lawyer at the Massarro Legal Group. He began by telling me how things were going to be & that they were not responsible for any repair work to the sink or its replacement. I asked him if he had seen the before & after pictures, he replied that there were dents in both. He further told me not to contact Angie's List or the B.B.B or I would live to regret it. I said there was no need for any further conversation & hung up the phone.


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