FedEx Corporation (track, ship, delivery) - FedEx Corporation: scans & leaves packages on front steps!!!

Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2012 at 11:45pm CST by Tamara L. F.

Company: FedEx Corporation (track, ship, delivery)

Location: US


Category: Other

FedEx: is (WILLFULLY & NEGLECTFULLY) scanning packages & leaving them on customer's front door steps, >without making contact(knocking/knocker, ringing bell NOR leaving slip for pick-up or redelivery. i have a sign posted stating "POSTMAN"; DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES ON STEPS, but pkg. was left anyway. DO NOT use "FedEx" due to lack of concern regarding pkg. delivery. How many customers has this company done this to? Why aren't their policies prohibiting this type of occurrence; especially since this is a delivery company? what happens when (company) FedEx receives this type of complaint, how is it resolved? what recourse do customers have? Does FedEx have a good rating for resolving delivery issues? Is FedEx AWARE that their delivery driver's are using these types of practices when delivering? How many COMPLAINTS & what types; to date has FedEx received regarding delivery issues & how are they RESOLVED?> requesting FULL DISCLOSURE!!


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