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What do you expect from an inspection company when you are going to buy a house? Well, I will try to summary the story Im about to tell. It was my experience that started with questions but then became complaints and everything that I say here is my opinion and the full true of a customer. That doesnt compromise the entire company and their employees, but that inspection day wasnt my best day for it.

People dont fall into inspection companies like Pillar to Post (Inspector Angel Calle in the Miami-Dade area) that pretend look meticulously every corner of your house and give a very nice report that basically it is designed by attorneys in order to safeguard themselves if any mistake is made like overlooking a damage, defective or by issuing misleading opinions that can result in lies and at the end you ended paying for their mistakes and you cant get them for that.

My advice, be sure they are insured, be there with someone (witness), video record the inspection and explanation of the report (proof). Ask as many questions necessary bother a lot and request the explanations, but more important they arent roofers; hire one for that inspection. When I purchase my property my main concerns were the roof, drain, sewer, water pipes, A/C unit and the external walls structure. There were some minor cracks on the walls among other things, some minor, some visible but my main one a ceiling stain in the garage roof. After the inspection was done I asked about it and I was told that in the garage attic were some gas tanks stored and that apparently they have spilled causing the stain. The stain was clear and not dry as he claimed, gas doesnt create mold, it evaporates but lets assume it wasnt water or gasoline, lets think it was orange juice, but he verbal statement was that the roof was ok. All this was in front of the realtor, we look each other and because I was able to see from the floor the gas tanks we honestly I believed him, it sounded logical. Despite the explanation I asked again if that wasnt a leak from the roof he remarked aging that the roof is ok and that there werent any mayor problem to discuss at the day of the closing.

After some days, I started discovering things that were explained differently in the report but most of those minor ones. Until a relative that has some experience looked at the stain in the garage ceiling and said that is a life leak. We went to the attic and I was shown the trail of mold built in the main ceiling roof. So I called a roofer and corroborated the leak.

Obviously I contacted Pillar to Post via phone and email and tried to speak with Angel Calle to ask about it, instead I got an email from him. Sometime you need to speak and hear the reasons and facts. It looks that they dont like it much when people ask to be contact but the problem wasnt the contact via email but the content of it. For that reason my questions became complaints and by discovering other overlooked things I try harder but amazingly I received a certify letter basically telling me, DONT TRY AGAIN TO CONTACT ME OR MY STAFF BECAUSE THE REPORT WAS GOOD FOR ONLY 30 DAYS, I WILL CONSIDER HARRASMENT IF YOU DO SO. What kind of company let one of their employees do that!!!!

People when you get a report, look for these keywords and that will tell you that if in fact it is damage and it was overlooked, for sure the company will not be liable for it. You may see these in a report, CONSULT AN EXPERT, IT MAY, IT COULD NOT BE INSPECTED, TEST, OR CHECK. Hire someone that will tell you IT IS DAMAGE or IT IS NOT, not MAYBES in between like Pillar to Post.

I hope this may help some else.

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39a9a8b7, 2012-01-05, 05:26PM CST

January 5, 2011

Dear Mr. Correa,

This letter is in response to your complaint dated December 02, 2011.

You wrote: Im contacting you with another inspection concern.

Mr. Correa, we performed a visual inspection for you on June 30, 2011. My inspection report is only valid for 30 days. Please refer to The Visual Inspection Agreement you signed. It clearly states the report is only valid for 30 days from inspection date. You cannot call us every time an issue needs to be addressed in your house. All houses will need routine maintenance and repair work done. Its all part of owning a home.

You wrote: The first time wasnt a big deal because the fix for the Air Conditioner was cheap, however; I cant let this new problem pass. I dont want to make a big deal of it but having a surprise for the second time isnt a coincidence.

Your AC unit is only 4 years old and it was cooling and heating fine the day of inspection. There was nothing wrong with your AC. You stated in the above that you have a new problem. Notice your own wording new problem which indicates that the problem you are referring to did not exist on the day of the inspection. I recommend you call a licensed technician to fix whatever new problem has arisen.

You wrote: Please take a look of the attached files in this email. You mentioned that the stain is a dry stain and you said to me in front of the realtor that it was cause by some gasoline containers stored on the attic that spilled. However I found that it is an actual leak on the roof, obviously this is human mistake but one that will cost me some money to repair it. Besides that I have found another leak that was omitted on the inspection.

I did take a look at the attached file (only one was attached). The stain was dry the day of the inspection. We used two different types of moisture meters, and both showed the stain being dry. And yes, these stains were from something the previous home owners were storing in the attic which had spilled over. I reported this information solely to youthere was no realtor (nor anyone else present) on site the day of the inspection (please get your facts correct). If there was a roof leak, it would have leaked from the day you moved in, and I am certain you would have contacted me right away. If your roof has started to leak, as youre stating, I recommend calling a licensed roofer and fixing the problem as soon as possible. You should also read your own attachment where I stated under the Main Roof Section: Seal and repair worn cracked roof valley areas and clean out roof valley areas by a qualified technician to minimize water penetration. Inspector not responsible for roof leaks after the day of inspection. If you did not make these repairs, it is very likely that water has begun to intrude (if in fact you do have roof leaks).

You Wrote: Mr. Calle, you cant say now that this problem was created after your inspection, like you said on my last complaint. This is something that you should it have it checked in a better way like grabbing a hose and water the roof to discover if that was in fact a leak or just another stain.

Again, if the roof was leaking 6 months ago when we did your inspection, I am certain I would have heard from you then and you would not have waited 6 months. I never made a statement regarding a problem with your AC, again it was working properly on the day of the inspection. Please get your facts correct. Mr. Correa, do you really expect a home inspector to grab a hose and water the roof. Please think about what youre saying and the liability involved with thatit is a ridiculous suggestion. If you just discovered another leak, again, I recommend calling a licensed roofer and fixing the problem as soon as possible. We inspected your house 6 months ago, and your roof was not leaking nor did it have visible signs that it had leaked before.

You Wrote: Please understand my position, and by paying a well recognize company for the inspection was the whole idea to avoid major things like this.

I really dont understand what your position is. We performed a visual inspection for you. Whats on my report is what we found the day of the inspection. If, 6 months later you in fact have roof leaks, I suggest getting them fixed. If you do have roof leaks you need to understand Im not responsible for them nor am I going to compensate you to have them repaired. I provided a visual inspectionnot a guarantee that you will never have any maintenance/repair issues on your home.


Angel Calle

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