Arial Software - Terrible support experience with Arial Software

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2012 at 12:03pm CST by f7e89c12

Product: Campaign Enterprise

Company: Arial Software

Location: Phoenix, AZ, US


Category: Other

Very disappointed and upset with support with Arial Software.

I would discourage anyone from purchasing their software on this basis.


Over a period of 3 - 4 years, we repeatedly went to them for help with issues related to their Campaign Enterprise email management tool. Their most common answers were:

A) "Compress the .STO file."

B) "It's a problem with your database."

In other words, 90% of the time, they failed to provide any meaningful help and we were forced to hire outside consultants to examine their software to solve the problem. In a sense, their support team is 'lazy' - they only help with cookie cutter problems where they can cut and paste standard answers. But if you ever need them to 'dig deep' to help you, forget it - they have no interest in helping.

The icing on the cake was just recently when they refused to renew a support contract with us, despite our offer to pay immediately. They claim it was related to a delayed payment in the past, but then contradicted themselves - we offered to pay immediately in order to solve a serious problem - and they still declined. Which proves that their real concern is that they might have to actually make an EFFORT to provide support, rather than just collect a cheque and send the customer template emails from their knowledge base.

Bottom line: they basically decided that since our problems show the weaknesses in their software, they'd rather not deal with us.

People should also know that the features that cause problems are fairly routine: open tracking, A/B testing, etc.

For honesty sake, I do think it's important to mention the one good experience we had with one of their engineers about 2 years ago. This guy (name I don't remember) was completely different from the rest of the Arial Software support team. He took the time to work through our problems with us, and finally identified that the Campaign Enterprise product was freezing due to the inability to handle too many transactions of a certain nature at once. So he actually customized the application to save the processing of the transactions until the END of the campaign - a brilliant solution. Without him, we'd have ditched Campaign Enterprise years ago - because most of the truly valuable features give regular problems.

I truly wish the others at Arial Software were like that one engineer. But I assure everyone, they are not.

Bottom line: thumbs down for Arial Software's support team and their product - i recommend using another vendor that offers technically superior products and better service.


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