Chrisco - Refund

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2012 at 6:09pm CST by fd9bb812

Product: Masport

Company: Chrisco

Location: NSW


Category: Other

Hello I Have Been A Customer Of Chriscos For 13 Years To Find There Is No Trust In Bulk Product Of Company Surplyers..I purchased A Lawn Mower And Other Goods From The 2011 Catalog..To Find The Lawn Mower Faulty Along With A Lamp That I Fixed..I Have Spoken To Chrisco On A Number Of Accasions To Resolve The Problem To Find That No Results Are Going To Be Taken Concerning This Matter About The Lawn Mower..Problem On There Defence Oil..With No Evidence..I Am Finding In Australia Even With Citezineship..That Consumers Are Easely Deployed By Mistack Of Item Being The Cosumers Fault In Faulty Product..That Companys Are Unlawfully Selling Faulty Product To Consumers Under A Money Right..And All Im Asking That The Lawn Mower Be Replaced With A New Lawn Mower Or Money Refunded Without Cost To My Pocket..As I Have in Faith Paid For The Lawn Mower..Under Instuctions That I Did Apply..That Now I Can Not Trust Companys Or Surplyers In Australia Under Australian Law..With A 2012 Purchase I Wish To Cancil If The Lawnmower Is Not Refunded.Or Replaced And Go Else Where .I Have Spoken To To Many Chrisco Employees Of Mixed Messages..Of The Masport Suplyers Who Is Denieing Refund..Or Replacement To There Knowledge There Was No Oil Put In The Lawnmower Without Evidence..That I Did Follow There Instructions.Of 600ml For The Lawnmower To Lock Into Its Own System..Which Was Advised To Chrisco They Are Refuseing Refund And Replacement..And I As A Loyal Customer Are Asking For A Replacement I Do Not Have The Capsitity To Take The Lawnmower To A Rep For Them To Denie Me My 13 Years Of Service..Faithfully Lorraine Anne Hogarth..Citizen Of Australia Mobil..0488751974


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