Key Design Websites LLC - Bad Business Opportunity

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2012 at 8:55am CST by 5af50c0a

Product: Website Resale

Company: Key Design Websites LLC

Location: 305 N9th St, Suite 400
Boise, Id, 83704, US


Category: Other

Key Design Websites LLC is currently advertising his Business opportunity with 430 W. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654

Telephone 800-223-5417

Tom Youngs ad:

Key Design Websites, LLC specializes in: website design, top search engine optimization (SEO) and hosting for small businesses. Start your own website design company under our banner; offer extremely affordable custom designed websites and hosting, make an incredible 50% commission on every sale and 20% residual monthly income. Free Compaq laptop and all documentation and training provided.

Total Capital Investment $1,500.

He e-mails a business like contract requiring witnessing of signature stamped by a notary. After mailing back with a bank draft, he sends out some very well written e-mails, with a lot of promises, and then his actions are very slow or non-existent. When asked about his tardiness, he makes a lot of apologies, with no explanation. Very poor at returning telephone calls or addressing issues (sent via e-mail).

During a 30 day period, I received an e-mailed Training Manual (a joke), 1000 business cards & some printed material with a value of LESS than $200. With his performance, I feared for how my clients would be treated and made Tom aware of my concerns. (Again apologies with no optimistic explanation). I told Tom via a telephone conversation that due to the fact that his performance was very poor, that with concern for my prospects and my reputation that I did not want to represent his company in Canada. When asked to return my money, he became verbally abusive and refused a refund.

Beware of this man. He takes & gives very little in return.

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c6079e17, 2012-01-31, 03:25PM CST

My name is Tom Young I am the owner of Key Design Websites. The person who filed this complaint was given this business opportunity for $500, with the agreement he would pay the balance from his sales. We reduced the cost significantly, and released him from having to pay the difference. We spent over $350 in printing and spent hours on the phone training him. The bottom line is when it came time to go out and actually sell and contact customers he couldn't do that and he wanted his money back. He signed an agreement and had it notarized, in that agreement he understood and agreed that there was no refunds. We could go after him for the balance of the contract but agreed not to. Business is a risk, he was aware of that. We have many resellers and have built 2000 websites, we know what we are doing and offer an incredible opportunity, he was simply afraid to go out do the work. If you have questions about our opportunity or this complain feel free to call us toll free at 877-977-4441

Tom Young, Key Design Websites.

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