Friendly's - Unfriendly Restaurant Experience

Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 at 10:51pm CST by e08bc21b

Product: food service

Company: Friendly's

Location: 70 Old County Rd
Brunswick, ME, 04011, US

Category: Other

This Brunswick, Maine location was overall a pretty unfriendly experience for someone who grew up in Massachusetts as a frequent Friendly's customer! We expected a longer than usual wait time since it was very packed on New Year's Day. My family of three settled for a small side table so we would not have to wait in line for the one hour trip home. But, an hour wait for a sandwich meal which turned into a two hour ordeal bordered on the ridiculous. The food wasn't that bad if you like stale bread and old apples. The additional half hour wait for our check and to-go Sundae's bag tested our patience still leaving behind a generous tip for all the apologies carried out by three waitresses. I didn't understand what this meant until I got out to my car with our main waitress ho offered to help carry one of the bags. Two police cars closed in on me treating me like a criminal asking me if I had been drinking. I was shocked as this was a family restaurant that doesn't serve alcohol that the staff would report a patron with a bad head cold to police. After being given many grueling tests I was cleared of a any alcohol consumption, of course, or any wrong doing. The police officer was empathetic at the end of the thirty minute ritual when he gave me a tip that the cough drop I had was mistaken for alcoholic smell. I was able to go back and retrieve the cough drop bag as evidence after this outrageously embarrassing incident. The nice manager remembered meeting me on her way out that evening when I phoned the next day. She was very apologetic and shocked, revealing how unaware of what took place after she left her shift. At this point I was dissolved to tears in describing the three waitresses who my twelve year old witnessed whispering about their plans behind the counter. She offered me a full refund and promised to discipline her staff. I am now left with the fallout of this trauma of shocking memories and helping my traumatized children and myself learn how to cope.


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