AT&T - AT&T Auto renewal contract SCAM

Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 at 11:02am CST by 60a8d48f

Product: AT&T Small Business Bundle Contract

Company: AT&T

Location: PO Box 105262 Atlanta, GA 30348-5262
Atlanta, GA, 30348-5262, US


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I cannot express my disappointment with AT&T...the phone company I have used all of my life. I was talked into a small business bundle to "save me tons of $ "...and now I am trapped in a SCAM by a company I trusted in.

My husband has been unemployed for over 2 years and money is extremely tight...After my 3 year bundle contract with AT&T ran out I called in hopes of simply down scaling or going back to a regular phone line in order that we could afford the service. I was told that we could not do that...that we were under a contract for another 3 years! That I had agreed to have it "automatically" renew every 3 years for an additional 3 year contract....without my notification and approval.. WHAT? This is so wrong. I cannot believe this company would ever take on such dishonest practices. It is obvious that they are stooping to these low levels because they are losing cusomers and feel that they must trap them in order to keep them.

I know as a small business owner...that satisfied customers are what keeps a business going. It only takes a few unhappy customers to do a lot of damage to a company...they spread their negative words much faster than the happy customer spreads positive ones!

Well....after my contact with the AT&T customer service dept. and legal dept. (no resolution) I contacted the BBB to file a complaint on this auto renewal "practice". I received a response via the BBB that a customer service rep from AT&T was sending me a letter on 7/7/11 to cancel my contract with no penalties...(that they had attempted unsuccessfully to contact me by phone...I teach all day, every day.) This "letter" never arrived....believe me, I waited for it in hopes that AT&T was going to do the right thing.

Finally ,much later, I re-contacted AT&T about the letter (not arriving) and was told that they were going to stand behind their, "original" decision. That I would be penalized for breaking the contract if I cancel service. So basically they used yet another dishonest practice....declared to the BBB that they would take care of me, the customer, and failed to do so.

Times are changing. Trust no one. BEWARE.


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