Criswell Honda - Engine Dressing for car sale killed battery

Posted on Sunday, January 29th, 2012 at 3:51pm CST by 54835591

Product: Honda FIT used car

Company: Criswell Honda

Location: 19525 Amaranth Drive
Germantown, MD, 20874, US


Category: Other

I bought a certified pre-owned car from Criswell Auto, paying extra for the certification. The car immediately had problems, including a slow-opening window that another Honda dealer later found was the result of a pre-purchase theft attempt, and a faulty tire pressure monitoring system. These were covered by the extended warranty, but it was still highly annoying to have to get repairs made within days of having bought a certified pre-owned car. But a third problem a slipping serpentine belt led to a dead car battery. That was not covered, and cost me $105 to get replaced. Criswell initially told me that they would of course cover the cost, but then never did and eventually stopped returning my calls. I have a repair invoice from the other Honda dealer that confirms the above, which I provided to Criswell.


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