Aetna Medicare Plan - Aetna Medicare Plan Sucks

Posted on Sunday, January 29th, 2012 at 5:20am CST by 97693a18

Company: Aetna Medicare Plan

Location: P. O. Box 14088
Lexington,, ky, 40512-4088, US

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I retired in 2009 and my company had Aetna Ins.

Therefore I got my Social Security to go with Aetna on extra insurance.

The year 2010 was find. They were higher than other plans but I decided to have them.

In 2011 they raised my medication $5.00 which went to $40.00. My co-pay to see my Doctor was $30.00. Still I went trying to pay when neighbors tells me to go somewhere else.

January 2012 I got a bill from then for $16.00. My Medication once a month (one prescription) went to $45.00 plus the $16.00 per month is too much for me to pay. I received a letter yesterday that they are threaten to cut off my insurance if I do not pay the $32.00 I now owe. I paid them about $1200.00 for my benefits last year.

Tomorrow I will call Social Security to see if I can cancel them.

I am on High Blood medications and it will be two months now I am going without my medications.

I rather pay my medication if Social Security pay me instead of them.

If someone can help me please email:[email protected]


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