HourEyes - Hour Eyes Fair Oaks Mall Store #302: Stay away

Posted on Friday, January 27th, 2012 at 11:33am CST by feab637d

Product: Eyeglass frames and lenses

Company: HourEyes

Location: 11903-L Lee Hwy
Fairfax, VA, 22033, US

URL: http://houreyes.com/

Category: Other

If you happen to be walking around Fair Oaks mall and are checking the reviews on this place before you walk in the door STOP! TURN AROUND!

I'm reviewing this location solely on its sales associates and product - not the actual opticians.

Upon first entering the store, located on the lower level outside Macy's, you are greeted by no-one. You stand helplessly in the middle of the store and start to wander around and look at frames so that you don't appear clueless. After looking around, you find a pair of frames you like.

Eventually-someone shows up at the receptionist desk to the optician/eye exam side of the business. She'll hand you some forms to fill-out, call the automated insurance authorization number to verify your coverage, and then write your name down a list for a sales associate to assist you later on. We took a seat in the waiting area.

While we were waiting for about half an hour (is this why its called HourEyes?), another gentleman showed up and was standing at the desk while the receptionists were in the back. He grew tired of waiting and loudly yelled "HELLO?! Is anyone back there?!" and one of the receptionists appeared and wrote his name down as well. Later on, the other receptionist returned and they began to gossip about the other sales associate who was taking a long dinner break and explained to us we'd be helped once she returned. The other two sales associates were busy with other customers.

Once our name was called, she started to ring up the sale. My partner had already selected the frames, knew what kind of lenses and reflective coating he wanted, and had insurance card handy. I had asked if the frames he would be getting would be brand new, or the floor model. She said everything was going to be brand spankin' new. Excellent! Easy $500 sale for her and the frames w/ lenses would arrive in two weeks.

About two weeks roll around and we call the store to check the status. Low and behold, the frames are in! However, no one gave us a call to let my partner know they arrived. He was excited as a first time eyeglass wearer to pick up his frames.

He went into the shop, waited to be called, and sat with an associate. While trying to adjust the frames, the associate actually popped the arm off of the pair of almost $200 frames. What does she do next? Take the same model frame off the shelf and pop in the lenses.

I don't know about you, but I expect brand new lenses and frames for $500 - not a pair of display frames that kids play with and which hundreds of adults have tried on over the years.

Because she wasn't properly trained on how to fit the lenses, there was actually a gap between where the frame met both of the lenses. Later on, we asked for a refund. The phone number to the District Manager is on the bottom of the sales receipt and encourages you to call if not satisfied.

Here comes the fun part. When returning the frames the same night, the associate told my partner that the original associate lied to us about the frames were not going to be ordered new. (If not new frames, why the heck does it take 2 weeks for the glasses to come in?).

I was intending to call the DM this morning to make sure the claim reversal process with the insurance company has started. Hour Eyes has to basically contact their third-party billing who then contacts the insurance adjuster who then will reverse the insurance claim in order for my partner to be eligible to purchase frames and lenses at another shop. This process can take up to two weeks. Since we've already waited two weeks for the glasses to come in, now we have to wait another two weeks before we can get a different pair.

The sales associate took the original sales receipt and the return receipt does not have the DM contact info. I called the store this morning and when asked for the DM contact info, the associate said "Sure, no problem. Let me have your prescription number." What?

I kindly explained that my prescription number was not necessary and that I would like the contact information for the district manager. She put me on hold and another associate came on. He explained to me that he is not able to give that information out and I would have to call the corporate office. He put me on hold to get the corporate customer service number number. I asked how he was not able to give it out when it's printed right on the sales receipt. He said he didn't know what I was talking about. I informed him that it probably would have been easier to handle this as a local level instead of elevating it to the corporate office; but hey, if that's the route they want to take, it's fine by me.

After talking to the customer service rep at corporate, she was shocked to hear about how the folks at the HourEyes Store #305 do their business. Another corporate CSR rep is following up with the store to make sure that they've already put the reversal claim in.

Long story short: please: go somewhere else.


9a800862, 2012-01-30, 03:04PM CST

I had bad experience with this company at Herndon location (Woodland Park Crossing Shopping Ctr), not the optometrist but the quality of its service and product. I bought a pair of glasses there last year and one of its hinges broke off about 8 months later. I returned to the office and was hoping it could be fixed. To my disappointment the receptionist was not at all sympathetic or helpful but claimed as-a-matter-of-factly that they can't do anything about it since I didn't buy some sort of warantee. I expected that a pair of glasses costing about $100 would have gurantee for at least a year. The product is defective and I was adviced that I have no recourse! Well, let me take it back. The receptionist/sales clerk did suggest that I crazy-clue it. Is HourEyes a discount store? Even if it was, it should offer consumer some sort of product gurantee. I would be OK if I had to send it back to the factory. But 'Nothing I could do' response is unacceptable.

648b1a5a, 2012-02-03, 08:21AM CST

This sounds about right!

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