Mercedes Benz / Daimler AG - Mercedes S 320

Posted on Thursday, January 26th, 2012 at 4:28pm CST by 073dbf9c

Product: Mercedes Benz

Company: Mercedes Benz / Daimler AG

Location: Daimler AG 70546 Stuttgart
Stuttgart, DE


Category: Other

Mercedes S320 CDI

Model Desg. : 221

Chassis : WDD2210221A041739

Mercedes Complaint Departement


First of all, I want to mention that this is not the first time that I try to contact you. I hope that you will answer me this time.

Im an owner of a Mercedes S320 (Type 221, year 2006, 80000 km, bought from Belgium) and I am really sorry to express my disappointment of this car. I do think that its one of my biggest mistakes.

Before purchasing this car I used to drive Audi cars and I never had problems (as with my Mercedes now). I had then moved to this Mercedes, as I had been informed about its functional advantages as well as its supremacy upon this car field, and the problems starts. In fact, starting from the first year of purchase, the anomalies and technical discrepancies are being repeatedly shown. I do here enclose in details the set of already evoked anomalies.

Really this car spent more time in maintenance rather than being used. Each time it takes more than one month to be repaired, sometimes I had to wait for 3 to 4 months. I really find it hard to understand how a so reputed firm, with a so reputed car (Mercedes S), may produce a car with such catastrophic errors.

Actually, my car is being in your Tunisia Representative for the automatic transmission defect as they told me. You have to know that the same component was broken in December 2009 (35000km). I cannot understand that this kind of component is as so fragile and we have to change it each 2 years. They also told me that I cannot benefit of the guarantee because it exceeds the 2 years. Honestly, I find it hard to go on maintaining this car endlessly and Im looking from you a very effective solution to solve all functional mismatches and all the faultless that this car has.


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