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Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 9:01am CST by 644df5fd

Product: Dating site

Company: Globalpersonaldating or whitelabeldating

Location: Internet/web dating

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Dating site con where one company has dozens of different names ie crush or date a millionair or single parent dating plus dozens of others. This dodgy site isnt content to cheat on the customers by sending out hundreds of bogus contacts especialy when your membership is comming to its end. They dont tell you that they own all these other sites, why, what they got to hide, the weasles who own this cushy gold mine which takes 30 odd million a year are just swimming in an endless pit of other peoples money. Theve got their army of workers trained with the same old script that doesnt mention the many scams they pull. They tell you join for free , have this for free , were giving you this for free. Their free comes very expensive. Even when you come to your sencies and realise its a grotty con dating site and cancell, they then continue to rob you fraudulently , when the theft is spotted they do the scam of , but you didnt cancel so your membership continued. These blood sucking guttersnipes are a bunch of crooks so if you want to join a dating site do yourself a favour and check that it is nothing to do with this bunch of jokers. If you dont it will cost you a lot of money and your get nothing back but grief.


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