Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 7:59am CST by 7e2e8f17

Product: Pandigital Ereader

Company: Pandigital

Location: 643 N. 98th St. Omaha, Nebraska 68114
Omaha, Ne, 68114, US


Category: Other

This company put out ereaders at KOHL's that were supposed to be recalled and new ones put out. If they did, the new ones were faulty too. I called over and over again and was told I'd be given a replacement. Then, after continuous calls back, was told to file a warranty appeal to which their comment was simply "Unfortunately, we will not be fulfilling this warranty replacement request." Kohls even said they've had constant complaints on this and company giving everyone the runaround. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON PANDIGITAL...crappy product and they don't stand behind their warranty! It was junk from the start!! Get a KINDLE!!! Pandigital is not a trustworthy product OR COMPANY!


a071e2ce, 2012-10-23, 07:35PM CDT

I bought my Pandigital on QVC. Within six months the connector for the charger went bad. I called, they said it was under warranty and I should return it and I would get a replacement within three weeks. When three weeks came and I had heard nothing I called them. I was told they moved offices so the two weeks it took to complete the move "didn't count" towards the three weeks. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told one would call me. Two days later, not having received a call I called again. This time I was told that the move was completed by October 8th so they had two weeks from that date to send me my new tablet. So they couldn't do anything before October 22nd. Asked again to speak to a supervisor and was told someone would call me "when they had time". Called again October 23rd was told the same story but this time the date is October 29th. Asked again to speak to a supervisor - this rep actually put me on hold to get a supervisor then came back and said the supervisor was not willing to talk to me. Once these people get their money they could care less about the customer. I have reported them to the BBB, the Nebraska Attorney General's office and the FTC. Unfortunately I have my doubts any of this will get me anywhere.

8342251f, 2012-10-25, 12:22PM CDT

I have been waiting for my replacement ereader since Sept. 9th. I bought this for my 9 year old daughter and she barely used the defective device. I was told the beginning of october that they will be shipping them again on oct 8, and it now about 3 weeks later and no email or response from them. I called today and they sent 2200 of them out on the 22nd and if mine didnt go out then it will be out on the 29th. at least they said there was a supervisor. I asked for a supervisor, they said there were none. I asked for an address the lady told me they dont have any. I then said where does my money go if there is no address she had the nerves to say the retailer paid her not me. I will never buy another Pandigital butt wiper or anything. And how bad are these devices that they are sending 2200 of them out in a week. They cant be producing that many of them. Never again!

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