Sunny King Ford - Horrible Dealership

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 11:14pm CST by 1fca0a75

Product: 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES

Company: Sunny King Ford

Location: 1507 S Quintard Ave
Anniston, Al, 36201, US


Category: Other

he car was purchased from Sunny King Ford in Anniston AL.At the time of purchase the check engine light was on,when the manager was confronted with the problem he made a excuse stating that it could just be from the gas cap not being on good,he never had the car looked at for that problem.The salesman said he had the oil looked at,we took the car to the shop for other problems,and found out that the oil needed changing.The first shop visit,the car was shuddering between 45-50 mph,this problem was not solved at the first shop.He did replace the O2 Sensor,Gearshift Bulb,and did a Tune-Up.The second shop visit was a transmission shop,the shuddering we felt was the torqe converter going out,the guy there said that people usually wouldn't just replace the torque converter,but would want to replace the whole transmission.He told us to buy Shudder Fixx and to put it in with the transmission fluid,this fixed that problem.The third shop visit we found out that all 3 engine mounts where broke,and that there was a hole in the radiator hose,radiator hose was repaired.I drove the car home from the shop,the car surged,made a loud noise,and my CD Player stopped working,after that you could press the gas and the car acted as if it didn't want to go.


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