Union Savings Bank - Delay in Real Estate Closing

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 9:47am CST by 17207207

Product: 10 Hickory Hollow, Blue Ash, OH 45241

Company: Union Savings Bank

Location: 8534 E. Kemper Road
Cincinnati, OH, 45249, US

URL: http://www.usavingsbank.com/

Category: Other

We recently sold our home at the above listed address and closed on December 7, 2011.Our buyer's were preapproved by Union Savings Bank. The sales price was mutually signed and agreed upon on October 28, 2011, more than 30 days before the closing date contractually set for November 30, 2011.

We were, as seller's, reassured more than 3 times by the buyer's agent that the bank says the closing date will not be a problem.

The appraisal was initially done on November 22, but the report was not finished until the evening of November 29, with the closing set on the next day, Wednesday, November 30.

Because the closing did not take place until December 7, 2011, 7 days past the contractual date, it cost us, the seller's, extra expenses. Specifically, 7 days of Home Owner's Insurance, 7 days of extra mortgage interest, 7 days of real estate property taxes and 7 days of Home Owner's Association fees.

I mailed a written letter of my complaint to the Loan Servicing Department on/about December 15, 2011.

After no response, I e-mailed Louise Hutchins, Loan Servicing, and received a pat answer of: "After discussing this matter with my supervisor there is nothing that Union Savings Bank can do."

This response was after I phoned and asked for a callback.

When she finally did respond, the outcome of that "conversation" left an even bitter taste in my mouth about the bank. She was unprofessional, rude and lacked customer service skills by not listening to me, only talking over everything I was trying to convey. When I raised my voice that she needed to let me speak, her exact words were , "Go ahead! Speak!" She also stated it was "my loan officer's" fault that there was a delay. This answer tells me she never looked into my complaint!! I was NOT the borrower. I am the seller!!! After this unfortunate encounter with Ms. Hutchins, I then contacted Phil McCray, Vice President, by e-mail on January 12, 2012 requesting an answer to the same question. As of today, 2 weeks later, no response.

I have calculated the total of the delay to have cost us an extra $267.16.

I feel the delay in this real estate transaction is unacceptable and hold Union Savings Bank responsible.A contract is signed and is a legally binding agreement.Why is this bank (business) not held to the same standard?


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