Simms Chevrolet - Bad customer service

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 11:16pm CST by 83ded546

Product: Service Department

Company: Simms Chevrolet

Location: 4220 W. Vienna Road
CLIO, MI, 48420, US


Category: Other

On 12/27/2011, I brought my 2009 HHR for ESC/Traction service issue at 4:50 pm. I was waited on by Mr. John Hallwood. Mr. Hallwood said, and I quote:since its almost closing time, I will have the mechanic look at it the next day. I said that was fine, and asked for a loaner; since it was under the Power Train warranty. Mr. Hallwood's response was: I don't know until the mechanic diagnoses the problem! I asked Mr. Hallwood, if ESC/Traction issues are covered under the Power Train warranty? Mr. Hallwood's answer was: Sir, I don't know until the mechanic diagnoses the problem. I explained to Mr. Hallwood that I need to know if a loaner is covered under the warranty, or if I needed to contact my insurance for that, since I needed the transportation for my business. When I asked Mr. Hallwood if any one else would know or to look for a GM's warranty manual, Mr. Hallwood went and brought me a 2' thick , so called manual to look it up myself !! And walked away . Astonished by what just happened, I asked for Mr. Hallwood back, and informed him of my disappointment of the lack of care & knowledge; expecting the customer to search for answers on his own. Not soon as I was expressing my dissatisfaction of the service, a BAT OUT OF HELL bolts out yelling, and I quote: Sir, Sir , you need to lower your voice and leave, we no longer need to do business with you, I will let you out myself. That was the Fixed Operation manager: Bill Vock. That happened in front of several employees including Mr. Joe St. Pierre, the body shop manager, that previously handled a body work done on the same vehicle. I have never treated any of my clients in this despicable way, nor I expect to be treated as such.

I posted the complaint on the dealership's web site the following day, requesting to be contacted by owner Mr. Bruce Simms.

I never got a call back !

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e3bb1ce1, 2012-01-30, 11:10AM CST

Mr. Ghuneem, You will not receive a call back as we have chosen to not do business with you. As a business we have that privelege. We no longer want you in or around our property. I thank you for your time and hope you can find somewhere to help you, as I have been contacted by another local Chevrolet dealer that has chosen to not deal with you either.Please do not attempt to contact us any further as we will no longer respond to you. Thank You and I am sorry that we could not help you.

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