XSV360 - XSV360 and bad faith

Posted on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 at 8:38pm CST by badbob

Product: Water Bottles

Company: XSV360

Location: ottawa, On, CA

URL: http://www.xsv360.com/

Category: Other

It matters none what one seems to be purchasing from XSV360. I submitted an order through Swarm Jam Nov 24,2011 and as of Jan 24,2012 not received a refund or the items, only lip service. I encourage anyone dealing with XSV360 and paying with credit cards not to delay, contact your cc company. The excuse Swarm Jam gave recently, beginning of Dec, went through a period of growth and have had a few growing painsand if Swarm Jam can offer excuses like this they are likely not much better. Keep up the posts, there lots of places to advertise how these sites operate.


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4750a895, 2012-02-27, 02:28PM CST

XSV360 is only interested in stealing. There was no place to enter a redemption code which I had paid CAD34.00. Next thing I knew I was charged USD112.99. They do not answer calls or emails. I will be contacting my credit card company at the end of today's business. Hopefully, they will take action against these scammers!!!!

GSB, Windsor

4ad00d02, 2012-03-05, 02:56PM CST

If you value your money, do not under any circumstances have anything to do with XSV 360. I purchased 2 sets of Ipod headphones with volume control and microphone back in November for $22 each. I thought it would be a great deal. I was oh so wrong. Two months after ordering and still without the headphones I tried calling them directly. Guess what? No way to speak to a live person or leave a message, only send us an email and we will get back to you in 48 hours. Yah, right! No one from this supposed company has ever returned a single email I have sent. When I finally did receive the headphones in late january, they were the standard Ipod headphones, no volume, no mic, no different than the ones I already have!

I have tried repeatedly to contact them to no avail and have the folks at Dealfind try to get hold of them with no responses whatsoever. I had to pay to ship them back out of my pocket and will only see a refund of what I spent on the deal, nothing for my time, aggravation, for my paying to ship the wrong headphones back, squat-diddly.

I have been left with a very bitter taste and all I can hope is that some of you out there will heed my warning and not get burned the way I have.

QSV 360 since you are already morally bankrupt, I can only hope you will soon be financially as well.

d9f120b2, 2012-03-14, 06:04PM CDT

Exactly the same thing happened to me on December 2 2011, I ordered the Oral B for full price $112.99 in December and cancelled the order have not received a refund.

Tried to file a dispute with my card company they said it's past the 90 day limit so guess I s@$%&d off $113.

I haven't got any response at all from xsv306 except the confirmation of cancellation.

d9f120b2, 2012-03-14, 06:44PM CDT

I've sent a complaint about XSV360 to http://www.ccbbb.ca/

Hope I get my money back

d9f120b2, 2012-03-26, 06:11PM CDT

Send a complaint to the better business bureau with enough complaints they will hopefully take action and get us refunds as well as shutting these crooks down.

The link is http://www.ccbbb.ca/

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