T-Mobile - Unethical treatment/Unexplained charges

Posted on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 at 9:54pm CST by ec922bc7

Product: Wireless phone service

Company: T-Mobile

Location: P.O. Box 629025
El Dorado Hills, Ca, 95762, US

URL: http://www.tmobile.com/

Category: Other

After three years of dealing with odd charges(some reversed, some not) I finally cancelled my service in September of 2011(contract was up August 12, 2011) Breathe easy right? Not so much, today January 24, 2012 I receive a letter with charges of $15 for phone service which is odd as not only is this a small amount compared to the $200 I was paying per month, but also because I was on the Flex-pay(must prepay every month for service) so I decide to call.

I then find out I have been turned over to collections via the automated system which so abruptly disconnects me when attempting to speak with a representative. Next, I call from my fiance's phone to see if I can get some answers from an unrecognized number(I ported my number to the new cell company, so it remains in their records attached to my account), although I do manage to get through to billing, upon questioning her regarding the $15 charge and requesting the name and number of the collection agency I was supposedly forwarded to, she immediately disconnected me... Really. This behavior reminds me of the many reasons I am glad to not be using T-Mobile. I will continue to call in an attempt to speak with a manager, maybe I will actually receive an answer.


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