FedEx - Needless Complication

Posted on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 at 2:43pm CST by aa8c25a8

Company: FedEx

Location: US


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What a hideous mass of complication. Today I tried to schedule a pickup. First I looked at my account options at . I was told that if I ship rarely, I only need a user ID, not an account. But if I click "Get a user ID only", I'm told that you can't get a user ID until you create a 9-digit account number. But if you try to start over and create an account first, you're told that you can't use your chosen user ID because "The user ID that you entered has already been chosen by someone else." Uh, no FedEx, that was me.

And what's with this business of not having a single unified account number anyway? They never TELL you that you need both a FedEx account AND a user ID -- they make you figure that out. Painful from start to finish.

PS: Once you complete the above process, you're told "your registration is complete ... For more options, please consider opening a FedEx account." What? Didn't I just do that? So now we've got this THIRD thing called a "registration."

Next they have this silly limitation of one package per shipment. Uh, hello? I have 8 boxes to send back to my client. And no third-party billing option so I can bill it to my client's account? FedEx provides all these options when I use a paper airbill -- why not online? Do you want my business or not?

What a mess! The whole website seems to have been designed by a lawyer or a committee of CEOs, not by an IT professional or a User Experience Designer. It's so complex that FedEx had to create a 5-part video demo that repeatedly tells you how "easy" FedEx is.

Negative Review. Zero Stars. Complexity Costs You Customers.


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