Sears - Tommy Gaston Swindler

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 at 7:34pm CST by 458e85b8

Product: Roofing

Company: Sears

Location: St. Louis, Mi, 65201, US

Category: Other

Tommy Gaston was sent to me to help me pick out a roof (re-shingle) and i chose Sears because i knew nothing about roofs and was so certain they had integrity - Tommy Gaston got out of his car waving a coupon for 500.00 off 'if i bought a roof today' and then got out all of his salesman equipment and the first thing he did was try to sell me a 12,500.00 roof - i only paid 14,900.00 for my house but i was trusting him that that is what roofs cost for my house if i choose the fancy shingle - i have a very small - two flat sided one story house- not even a bump that would make it difficult ! He then tried to sell me a ten thousand and 8 thousand dollar roof and it seemed he was saying that's it those are you choices - so i said ok - i will go with the cheapest one i can get - the 8,ooo roof with three flap shingles - he wrote up the paper work and he wrote a number that looked funny to me and i asked and he gave me a bunch of rhetoric saying oh with the coupon i will send in with the paper work it will all work out - the number 8547.00 - i saw the 500.00 - because of the coupon- and thought well maybe and he even took out a calculator and did something and the number he showed me was 7500.00 which would be the total with the 500.00 coupon for the 8000.00 roof (he was using the coupon to confuse me) he said - oh this is just the way we have to write them - the numbers will all look right in the end. Well the number didn't come out right - he will not return my calls but he made out the number that i believe would be for a 10,000.00 roof !and i trusted him ! i trusted him because he works for Sears ! Sears will not listen to what I say because i signed the paperwork - they won't listen to how i got swindled - the 8000.00 roof was a con in the first place (i am a disabled 50 year old woman and i was a target ) this roof should cost about 4500.00- I trusted Sears - i have been defrauded so many times by private people so i chose Sears- this man is a crook and he owes me 1047.00 AT LEAST seeing that even 8000.00 for this roof is ridiculous and he told me that's what it would cost for this ( simple !)roof- the roof has it's problems as well but the contracted was very disrespectful and just dismissed me so i just let it go...... i cALL him everday to explain the numbers to me and he won't return my calls - if he were a professional and had done nothing wrong - why won't he discuss it with me ??? kim rusher


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