Britto Central - Poor Britto Central Customer Service

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 at 8:32am CST by c0fc60a7

Product: Britto Central

Company: Britto Central

Location: 818 Lincoln Road
Miami, Fl, 33139, US


Category: Other

Unfortunately my experience with Britto Central has been pretty bad! I purchased two pieces of artwork on 1/12/11, the items were not shipped for 4 weeks and upon opening the boxes it was discovered they were sent damaged! Today, 1/22/12, I have yet to receive replacement pieces. My home has over 10 pieces of Britto and currently every time I look at any of this artwork I become emotional angry due to the poor customer service of this Britto Location that is actually owned by Britto himself!!! I feel like a hostage because there is no one that I can complain to because they are not a retail chain, obviously I would never get a call from Britto himself to correct this poor customer service. And I just wait!


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