Dr. Kenneth P. Pages MD, Psychiatrist - Dr. K. Pages dropped me after 8 years with no warning

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 at 5:09am CST by 58b95c6f

Product: mental health services

Company: Dr. Kenneth P. Pages MD, Psychiatrist

Location: 508 S. Habana Ave. Suite 320 - Tampa, FL 33609 USA
tampa, fl, 33609, US

Category: Other

In my opinion, Dr. Pages is/was/will be irresponsible, sloppy and does not care about his patients. He already had one malpractice lawsuit against him, settled back in 2009. Beware!

But - he has no sanctions, disciplinary actions or board actions against him. Why is that? Arent these professional review boards supposed to protect us American citizens?

I wish I had checked him out years ago - he obviously does not take his oath seriously - "Do No Harm".

In my opinion, he has done me harm and will end up causing the deaths of patients and/or their families, friends, co-workers and loved ones.

Do something to stop this irresponsible fool from harming more people!!!

I am trying to get an appointment with a doctor any doctor to renew my meds. Dr. Pages wouldnt even give me ONE-WEEK worth of pills to get me through so I am going through wicked withdrawal.

I suffer from Clinical Depression. I sobbed and begged and cried on the phone told his staff I was in crisis. They did nothing.

I have been his patient for over eight years and have paid him many-a-time $125.00 cash for fifteen-minute appointments (more like six minutes).

In my opinion, hes cold-hearted as well.

But I will get through this. Im doing the best I can.


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