Dayton Winnelson Plumbing Supply - American Standard Toilets are junk!

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 at 3:30pm CST by ec2dcaed

Product: Hi-Capacity Super Flush Toilets

Company: Dayton Winnelson Plumbing Supply

Location: 431 Washington St Dayton, OH 45402
Dayton, OH, 45402, US


Category: Other

COMPLAINT LETTER WRITTEN TO MARKETING DEPT 10/22/11 DUE TO FALSE ADVERTISING: I purchased two of your American Standard Toilet Bowls and Water Closets back on 10/08/03 from Dayton Winnelson Co., 431 Washington St, Dayton, OH 45402, phone no. 937-222-2835. The Toilet Bowl for unit one is showing as part no. 3225.016.222 Linen/Biscuit color; and the unit one Water Closet is showing as part no. 4250.016.222 also Linen/Biscuit color; Unit two Toilet Bowl is showing as part no. 3225.016.021 Bone color and unit two Water Closet is showing as part no. 4260.016.021 also Bone color.

My main beef is they are the worst toilets I have ever owned in my 72 years of life. I was lied to by the sales representative. He told me that these were such miraculous toilets that the field rep for American Standard showed him how he could pour a dozen golf balls into the bowl and the toilet would easily suck them all down in one flush. I can't even get my toilets to suck down one measly cheap paper napkin. I have to constantly fool with the flush lever to get a small amount of water to stand in the bowl for the next use and scrub the bowl about twice per day because it has such a poor flush pattern. I don't know how the rep could have sold me these in good conscience. I have been very unhappy and really provoked at American Standard. I paid $331.42 each for these worthless toilets and I have friends that have spent $99.00 at Sam's Club and got a beautiful working dual flush toilet. I also spent $35.10 each for matching toilet seats that didn't even last 3 years, part nos. 5280.016.222 and 5280.016.021.


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