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Posted on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at 5:46pm CST by 7546a979

Company: Homesite

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After 8 e-mails to Homesite (including one forwarded by Ms. Kirkpatrick, Progressive Insurance CEOs assistant) in the past 7 days. I have yet to receive a response and grow more frustrated each day. I need to get this situation corrected and resolved immediately, before my mortgage company pays the higher premium and increases my escrow account payments.

We first obtained a homeowners policy through Progressive/Homesite last year (3/1/11) because we had been impressed with Progressive auto insurance (which we have had since 2003). We cancelled our policy with State Farm Insurance (which we have used for the past 14 years!) even though the agent was great and the homeowners premium had NOT GONE UP IN 6 YEARS!!

Progressive wrote us a homeowners policy with the home value coverage at $440,000, and a premium of $1322 which was agreeable to us.

With the renewal policy for 3-1-12, the coverage has been arbitrarily increased to $462,000, with a premium of $1401.

We have NOT filed any claims or made any changes to the policy.

The Santa Clara Tax Assessor sent a notice (reducing our real estate taxes due to the property value decline!) that our home is worth $383,000.

We are deeply regretting the fact that we left State Farm, who, as I stated, never increased our premium in 6 years, with full replacement coverage on home and personal property. At this point, I am not only considering cancelling this policy and switching back to State Farm. The e-mails I have sent through the contact us form on the website have been ignored. The e-mail sent by the assistant to Progressive Auto Insurance CEO, Glen Renwick, have gone unreturned.

I would like the home value to either be lowered to the $383,000 that the tax assessor states the property is valued at, or the $440,000 that Progressive/Homesite used on the last policy. I feel that it is simply being increased to collect more premium from the Insured, with no basis for raising the values. I guarantee that my home has not gone up in value an additional $22,000 in the past twelve months. It has gone down.

If this change is not made, and the policy premium and limits are not reduced to what they were on the last policy ($440,000) or the value the tax assessor assigned ($383,000) , I will cancel this policy. I do not want the premium to be higher than the $1322 that it was last year.

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d5b9d342, 2013-03-13, 01:43PM CDT

They just raised mine from 847 to 3028! They ate crooks

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