Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - Terrible Experience at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Posted on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at 12:59am CST by c1634ea6

Company: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Location: London, ON, CA


Category: Other

I was overcharged about $10 on a platter of chocolate and nuts. I returned to the store in Masonville Mall to kindly point out their mistake. The cashier phoned the manager who firmly told her not to return my money. She said she understood that a mistake had been made but there was nothing she could do. I asked that if she knew a mistake had been made, why I couldn't get my money back but she then raised her voice, and even asked me to leave the store. I was not trying to make a scene. I was not raising my voice. All I wanted was my money back. I told the head office about my experience. They also, to my disbelief refused to return my money. They sent me a gift card with the difference I was overcharged but no additional compensation. They essentially forced me to let them keep the money they overcharged me and were not interested in correcting the terrible way I was treated at their store. The gift card is useless because I have no reason to shop at a store who only values customers with perfect transactions. They essentially stole my money.


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