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Product: Internet Marketing

Company: Professional Marketing International

Location: 3049 N. Executive Pkwy.
Lehi, UT, 84043, US


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In August of 2010 I signed on with Professional Marketing International (PMI) of Lehi, Utah. I was assured that within a few months I would see some viable income from a venture into the world of selling quality wine racks on the Internet. I studied the lessons they supplied, and worked hard at accomplishing everything I was advised to do. As time went on and there were no sales and thus no money coming in, I had to obtain a part time job just so I could pay essential bills and keep on top of credit card payments associated with the purchase of PMI learning materials. I fell farther and farther behind in my payments, though, as I struggled to at least make minimum payments on my debts that resulted from this association with PMI. The amount totaled nearly $15,000.

PMI, through an advisory coach named Jordan Foutz, was very much aware of my financial situation, and my availability. I dedicated every Thursday to working on the website business, since that was the only work day I was able to do so. Yet, the coach insisted on calling me for our telephone conferences six times on Fridays, out of a total of 11 times, with no rescheduling considered at all due to my working situation. Instead, PMI records show that I was a no show for these missed sessions.

Wouldnt you think, upon reviewing a list of these conferences and seeing that all of the six no shows were on Fridays, something was odd? Why were no attempts made by PMI to reschedule these at a time that I was available, instead of simply blowing them off? They were promised as a part of the original package. By the way, until quite recently, I was totally unaware that I was cheated out of these six sessions. I find that itself unbelievable.

The company never made any offer to change me to another coach until I had filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Utah on 4/25/2011. Initially, PMI offered me a $2,000 rebate for business expenses. Yet, they had the audacity to tell the BBB that I had received the rebate and agreed to continue working with one of our top consultants. I have NOT received a $2000 rebate, and I never agreed to continue working with this company. As a matter of fact, there was no follow-up or checking in with me to see why my site was not functioning, nor any contact from PMI, until I filed the complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I did receive a form authorizing the monetary rebate a few days after their offer. However, I read it very carefully, and then faxed the required paperwork to PMI, attached with a noted amendment that I had written. I signed the amendment in place of the original standard form from them, the reason being that I refuse to sign any document which states that the entire situation is resolved by my signature, and that I no longer hold PMI responsible for any further action or financial reimbursement on their part.

I trusted PMI to do a credible job, since they were recommended by a business associate of mine, Dan Vega of the Blue Star Business Institute of Springfield, MO. I never expected to be flat broke to the tune of over $15,000 because of the trust I had placed in PMI. All I have to show for my efforts is an extremely undesirable and damaging financial crisis. Our office received the attached letter from you which indicates that you are not satisfied with the decision rendered by the arbitrator in your case, Jason Burger. While we understand your frustration, please understand that the decision is final.

After seeking resolution through the Better Business Bureau of Utah, all avenues were exhausted since PMI never was really ever interested in settling with me for a full refund. An arbitrator was assigned to the case in November 2011. I was totally stunned when his decision was the same as what PMI originally offered me. I notified the BBB of Utah that I would not comply with that decision. The letter follows:

Regarding the Arbitration Decision of Jason Burger in my ongoing dispute with Professional Marketing International, in the many pages of documentation that I had submitted, I believe that I had made it very clear that it is impossible for me to work with PMI for a period of six more months. In these uncertain economic times, I do not possess the finances necessary to even pay for an extension of all the services and fees related to the maintenance of the website.

All the study materials can be easily returned to PMI. I have no problem with that. The problem is money: I have none left because I put everything I had into this ill-fated investment. Therefore, I will pursue this dispute as long as I must, since there are other avenues that can be used. The reasons listed by the arbitrator in his Decision show a poor understanding or a misunderstanding of the many pages of testimony I submitted. For example, PMI knew that my site was providing no financial income for me and that I had to get some type of gainful employment before I lost my home. They knew my concerns up-front. I was always totally honest with them. Unfortunately, they were not honest with me. They made no allowances whatever for rescheduling sessions that I could not possibly attend. PMI makes it sound like I cut the sessions, on purpose. That is ludicrous.

How could I be available for prearranged sessions when I was working another job because I had to generate some type of income? Thus, I HAD to be simultaneously involved in a variety of business ventures as well as writing a book. I still had sufficient time to devote to the development of this business venture, attested by the fact that I researched and wrote many articles to promote the site, as well as studied materials on the days I did not work on my other business ventures.

If there are less time constraints on Mr. Cortese now, I recommend he take advantage of the ruling. What if there are more time constraints now? The Arbitration Decision merely repeats the offer made by PMI of $2,000 refund IF I agree to continue via their mentoring hotline for a period of six months. The Decision makes no allowance for any other alternative. That is totally unacceptable. Please notify PMI that I will no longer take advantage of this opportunity, since it is not an opportunity; rather, it is an impossibility.


Joseph Cortese


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