Permanent Siding and Windows - Permanent Siding and Windows Terrible Company

Posted on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at 9:25am CST by 5fe47da5

Product: Extreme Performace Coatings

Company: Permanent Siding and Windows

Location: 230 Pepes Farm Rd
East Milford, CT, 06460, US


Category: Other

I am going to make sure that everyone knows exactly what type of company Joe Felix runs at Permanent Siding and Windows. I will do this without lies or innuendo but simply verifiable truth showing his Federal fines and articles ripping off elderly customers. Joe you should of stood behind the warranty you sold me.

Find by the Feds for endangering people with Lead dust on the job site.

Ripping off elderly couple, made front page in the paper because Mr. Felix likes to reincorporate and have no liability for anything he does.,0,7246907.column?page=2


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6f69bafd, 2012-02-01, 12:19PM CST

This is very true. I have known Mr. Felix for 20 years. He is an undesirable if there ever was one. He would steal the gold from his mother,s teeth. Now he has opened EnviroTekto satisfy his lust for monet and ripping people off. Consumer protection should put him in jail.

5249f4b8, 2012-04-29, 10:52AM CDT

I too have been ripped off by this company and intend to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if my concerns are not addressed. I hold Joe Felix and Jim Monteiorresponsible for doing a terrible job on my home, with people who could not even speak English. My original contract that I siged in June 2007 promised my home would not peel, crackblister, flake or fade. I've had to call them on two occasions to fix problems and now in April 2012 the house is peeling again! Do not use this company.

dfa77cc3, 2012-07-11, 05:59PM CDT

Joe Felix was not using the product Extreme Performance Coatings. He was using an off brand paint. Extreme performance has on of the best track records in coatings.

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