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Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2012 at 3:19pm CST by 2e3dee8c

Product: DJ Services

Company: Premier Music

Location: Steve Thomas P O Box 382 Boulder, CO 80306-0382
Boulder, Co, 80306-0382, US


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You will find other complaints re: Steve Thomas with the same modus operandi as used on us. You contract for dj services way in advance of your event. He indicates that he is your dj and is from your area. He takes your deposit and then you never hear from him again. You chase him with threatening emails and phone calls and in our case I finally heard from him. Having made my first contact with him on June 30, I was not advised that he was not the dj until early December, nor did I know that he was 200 miles from where we live. Only because I told him I was sure he was a con artist and that I wanted the name and phone # of the actual dj, was I given that information but less than 2 weeks before our event. I finally made contact with the dj, Chandler Chapman of Grand Junction on Dec. 22 and was hopeful that all was well. On Monday, Dec. 26 Chandler phoned and informed me that he was no longer going to work for Steve Thomas as Steve tried to renegotiate his payment down to $200 which would not cover his gas costs to Aspen. Hence he advised he would not be coming to dj our event. This was 4 days from our party so thru further conversation with Chandler he agreed to do the party for $500. It did occur to me that he was working in concert with Steve Thomas however with 4 days at peak holiday party time I had no good options. I am now certain that he and Steve worked this scam together as I see that other complaints tell this same story. My subsequent emails to Steve Thomas eventually resulted in his returning my $325 but only because I indicated I would be notifying various authorities about his scheme. I had by this time succeeded with some difficulty in turning up the other complaints. Chandler Chapman the dj was a disaster. Arrived an hour late, didn't seem familiar with his equipment, hadn't heard of many very well known songs. I ended up dismissing him early. He was an embarrassment to me and a big disappointment to all of my guests. He brought with him a woman and a 17 month old little boy. We definitely were "taken" by these guys. A third name to beware of is David Rojas. He too was involved in conversations so no doubt was also part of the scam. Supposedly he also is from Boulder.


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20a12718, 2012-02-06, 08:04PM CST

I am a DJ in Tampa, Fl. I was hired by Premier Music to DJ a Christmas Party on December 16, 2011. I DJ'd the event and the client was satisfied with my performance. I deposited the $200.00 check that Premier Music sent to me for my services on December 20, 2011. The check was returned on December 23, 2011 because on non sufficient funds. And a $15.00 service was charged to my account. After numerous telephone calls and emails, Steve finally answered on January 23, 2012. He said that he would send me another check for $215.00. That was 2 weeks ago. The amount of negative press that Premier Music is going to get from me is going to be more that the $215.00 that I was scammed out of. I will monitor Craigslist for their advertisements for a DJ and warn all DJ's to stay away from this company.

a362e714, 2013-09-09, 09:46PM CDT

Hello, I am a cellist and was hired by Premier Music to play a wedding in NJ on August 30th, 2013. I played the gig and got the check for $225 and deposited it. The check wasn't able to be deposited because the account was CLOSED. I've called and emailed and I haven't heard anything back from David Rojas. I feel like an idiot for not having researched this company before having taken the gig. Beware, don't ever take a gig from these people, they are SCAM ARTISTS.

96660b36, 2013-09-16, 11:27PM CDT

I am a DJ and was hired by Premier to do a wedding on August 31st 2013 in Beloit Wisconsin. The check they sent was short $50 from the contract and it bounced.

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