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Company: The Creative Group

Location: 1125 17th Street Suite 870
Denver, CO, 80202-2016, US


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This letter is an account I recently had with a company called The Creative Group. It is inspired by an unattainable document, known as the "survey."

I was first made aware of The Creative Group at a business event put on by Andrew Hudson. The event was held November 9, 2001 at the Denver Athletic Club - 1325 Glenarm Place, Denver. The event was well attended and there were business vendors around the perimeter of the ballroom; from which attendees could get additional business information. One such vendor was The Creative Group. I talked with a representative of the company, Kimberly Karniol. We talked briefly, exchanged business information and agreed to follow up.

Please note, all quotes used in this letter are copy/pasted directly from the actual emails, which I possess.

November 10, 2011, Kimberly sent me an email which said in part, "I hope this email finds you well. Wanted to drop a quick line" .Great meeting you last night." She requested some additional information, which I provided in an email later that day, responding in part, "Great talking with you last night. A collaboration sounds very encouraging."

November 11, 2011, I received an email from Kimberly, stating in part - "Thanks so much for sending this over!!! Let set up a time for you to come in" I responded a day later on the 12th - "Friday (November 18, 2011) sounds good. How about 1:30pm?"

November 14, 2011 Kimberly confirmed our meeting in an email. She provided address information and said "Perfect. Here are all the details you will need for our meeting. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Eric. Looking forward."

I went to The Creative Group's place of business at:


1125 17th Street, Suite 870

Denver, CO 80202


When I arrived there were two other men there filling out paperwork. One was also named Eric, we'll get to him in later. I filled out some additional paperwork, showed my IDs and then was asked to follow the receptionist to complete a "survey." I stated, I didn't know enough about the company to complete a "survey." She said "it wasn't that kind of survey." She led me into an empty room with a row of PCs. She sat at one, clicked a link, clicked a radial button, enter her credentials, got up and asked me to sit down. She handed me a scrap of paper and a pen, asked me to answer all the questions and at the end of the "survey" a code would display; I was to write down the code on the scrap of paper and give it to her when finished.

I had to enter my personal information, including my Social Security number. There were more than a dozen questions all having to do with wether or not I was on public assistance, lived in public housing, received food stamps or Medicaid. I didn't want to take this "survey." I was very uncomfortable, but I did as I was told, completed the "survey" and handed the receptionist the scrap of paper with the code. I distinctively remember telling her, "I just want to say for the record, I thought that was odd."

I had my meeting with Kimberly. It went very well and I left the office. While in the elevator to the main lobby, I ran into the other Eric that was there. He was visibly upset. He said, "you know that 'survey' you thought was odd?" I said, "yes." He told me that it had recorded his answers incorrectly; and not only did he get a copy of the "survey", but he got them to write a letter stating his correct responses to accompany the "survey" to refute the results." He opened his notebook and showed me the copy of the "survey" and The Creative Group letter.

December 3, 2001 I sent Kimberly an email, where I said in part "I will need a copy of the 'survey' I took for my records." I got an autoreply that she was on vacation. The email had another contact in the interim - Shreve Roberts. I emailed Shreve "can you please give my a copy of the 'survey' I took?" She said "I don't know what survey you mean?" I replied, "The 'survey' that asked all kinds of questions like food stamps and public assistance. I need a copy of that." She called me to tell me they don't release copies of that "survey." I said that wasn't true and preceded to tell her about the other Eric. Shreve said she would mail me a copy.

Meanwhile Kimberly got back from her vacation December 12, 2011 and replied to my original email from the 3rd, stating "Which 'survey' are you referring to?" I replied "The 'survey' I am referring to is what your receptionist called it and had me fill out on a computer. I just need a copy of my submission for my records." Kimberly's response was "I spoke with our ladies upfront and they already put it in the mail. Keep an eye out for it."

December 16, 2011 I sent and email to Kimberly - "I like a good joke, just like the next guy with the whole 'put in the Mail' thing, but seriously; I would like a copy of my results for the 'survey' I took while visiting your office." Kimberly response - "I have reached out to the individual who put the document in the mail to find out the exact day it went out. I haven't heard back from her, but I will definitely let you know the scoop once I hear back."

December 19, 2011 - I sent Kimberly and email - "I appreciate you wanting to investigate, but I would ask that you stay task at hand. The task is not to investigate who mailed it, and when and to who. The task is to make me copy of the 'survey' I took and to mail me a copy for my records." Kimberly replied - "The initial copy of the 'survey' you took was already put in the mail as of December 5th. We are putting another copy in the mail so you will receive and have your records. If you don't receive in the next few days...please notify me. Otherwise, I don't think it is best to continue working together; it doesn't appear to be a good fit. I asked Kimberly to explain her statement and I have not heard back.

This experience with The Creative Group, Kimberly Karniol and Shreve Roberts is all very suspicious.


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