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Posted on Monday, January 2nd, 2012 at 5:26pm CST by b29393cc

Product: Head ski boots

Company: the ski corner

Location: 549 Scranton Carbondale Highway
scranton, pa, 18508, US


Category: Other

I purchased a pair of high end ski boots for a christmas gift. The salesman said i could return them for a full refund or he would have a larger size available if the person feet were uncomfortable or if a fit problem was found. Today only 4 days after purchasing the boots i returned them UNUSED and brought with me the woman who i had given them to as a gift. The manager informed me they did not have any other sizes in this model, and then tried to sell me a lower quality boot and offer only store credit for the difference. I demanded my money back if they could not supply a larger size of the exact boot she wanted and which i paid for. The manager on duty claimed the "owner" was in the back and was declining to honor their representations of return for a full refund when i bought them if i was unhappy. After making several trips to the "office" this manager said they would not honor their promise. I walked into this supposed "owners office" and found NO owner there. I was informed it is a "corporation" and again was lied to by the sales manager who said he had called the corporate office and their policy is you buy the boot you own it. I was ripped off by their policy, even if it is unused un fitted and still in the same box. Which these were. I will be filing a complaint with the attorney general next and informing the TV media to do a story on consumer rip off by these clowns. Additionally i intend to file deceptive business practices claims with the legal system to sue for my money back. BEWARE of SKI CORNER and go purchase your ski equipment online or elsewhere. I spent 539 dollars there to get scammed, lied to, and had the misrepresentations of good business thrown out the window. Why would anyone want store credit if the seller has limited stock?? Furthermore the best lie was to say the "owner" in in back when in fact no one was there. This sort of deceptive business practice says AVOID the ski corner if you ever want your money back when a problem happens. The ski corner is a company where managers deliberately lie and salesman make statements which are outright lies to get you to part with your money. The ski corner is operating in our community as a walk in scam. I suggest you Avoid the ski corner and spend your money where it is honored and buy elsewhere from an honest company.

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Business Reply  76a9ee56, 2013-06-03, 05:50PM CDT

We have since remedied the situation. We took back the boots that were purchased and sold the customer a boot more suited to her needs. She has expressed satisfaction and has had no more complaints.

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